About Me

This is me and my wonderful husband Nathan - we've been together since my senior year of high school.  First-love type of story and one that I am proud to share more about God's goodness in waiting for that special someone. 

We currently have 3 beautiful children who attempt to be a blessing each day and it normally ends with me turning to God for more help which I suppose is a blessing.

We also have our first 'fur-baby' that came because we were having trouble getting pregnant so we did what most normal couples do and get a dog.  Rufus has been a trial since day one but we love him just the same.

I am a child of God and not shy about sharing that or all the amazing things He's done in our lives. Without Him we would be lost and facing a hopeless eternity. Even when life is hard and a struggle knowing what our future holds makes everything worth it.

I know I'm still finding my way here in the blog world but this is what I want to do.

And I want to focus on what I am passionate about:
  • honoring God
  • sharing the Gospel
  • babies
  • breastfeeding
  • pregnancy
  • family
  • raising children
  • homeschooling
  • essential oils
  • healthy living
  • simple living

So hopefully you'll join me 'Along The Way' to becoming a blessed mother who wants to help others, take care of her family, and honor God. 

Facebook Page - Along The Way
Twitter -  Atw2bBlessed

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