Disclosure Policy

This is where I'm honest about the links I post :)

I am a homeschooling mama to three children which means we are a one income family.  This blog is hopefully a way that I will be able to bring in a little extra money.... cause let's be honest that's what most blogging is about. BUT first and foremost I want to be an encouragement and help to others. 

Things I will do:
Post and share affiliate links to Amazon and items sold there
Post and share referral links to deal sites, coupons, daily deal sites, survey sites, etc
Post and share programs that I have tried and am a member of (I will be the guinea pig!)

Things I will not do:
Post or share offense or obscene items
Post or share spam items
Post or share programs that I have not tried or am a member of

If at anytime you are upset by something I post PLEASE send me a message and let me know.  The money I earn from here will be used for any expenses that a normal income would be used for. :)

andtheycallherblessed @ gmail.com

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