Sunday, October 10, 2010

Giving Review

We finished our review on giving today.  If you didn't read last week's post - click here.

The following were the four main points pulled from 2 Cor 9:8 And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed.

1) As we give, we must remember to give beyond our own church family.  Once we give our money to the church we should not and are not authorized to tell the church how to spend it.

2) As we give, we must remember those who have set an open mind before us.

3) As we give, we must remember to give financially.  If we give our time and/or our talents that's great, BUT we must still give financially.  The amount we give isn't what God is interested in - it's how much we sacrifice to give that amount.

4) As we give, we must remember that we are examples to those who follow.  Where do we benefit when we give - in our righteousness - in HEAVEN!  Wouldn't you rather be rich for eternity then for only 50-70 years?  Two things that God is interested in making sure we remember - 1) all money is Mine (HIS) 2) Give to the point of the need of Me - if we have everything we don't see or feel the need of God anymore.

We should let the Holy Spirit convict us of the amount we need to give.  No one should be telling us the amount - not our church board, not the pastor, not our friends or family.  The Holy Spirit will direct us.

I was very convicted today.... do we give to the point of remembering that we need Him to supply our needs.  Or do we make sure that our needs are met first and then give him what ever is left.  Something to pray about for sure.



  1. we tithe, 10% and then our church has this thing they call a second mile giving. They do it once a month, and it is in addition to your once you tithe, then you can "stretch" yourself to give more to God.
    Great post...I enjoyed sharing it with my hubby this evening.

  2. And I guess I should mention for those not familiar with tithing, that the 10% is taken off the top...before anything is paid...not 10% of what we have left over. God gives it ALL to us, so that is the least we can do. And I agree with your post about giving your gifts and talents as well...those are VERY important in ADDITION to the tithing.