Monday, October 18, 2010

How did 3 years go so fast....

We are celebrating my little girl's 3rd birthday today.

Where did the time go?  It seems like yesterday I was anxious and ready to deliver this baby (5 days overdue!).  The anticipation was insane.

We celebrated on Saturday with a small (in my words) party and it was a blast.  Below is one of her as a newborn and then the following are some from through out the day.

just hours old.....

my beautiful 3 yr old :) 

 we don't normally dress up for parties like this but she kept wanting to wear her 'big black dress with the big posie from uncle & aunt's wedding'...why not?  Everyone desires to be a princess on their birthdays!

 she adores her uncle

the magnifying glass was a HUGE hit
and by far the best present of the day - her new kitchen... she has not stopped playing with this since it was opened.   She's also sporting the new apron grammy made her! And the cake decorating kit is amazing.  (yes I informed others of what her big gift was and they bought associating gifts!)

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