Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Well I tried something new this morning and it turned out pretty well.

Hubby and I are attempting to completely re-vamp our diet with this program pH Miracle Living. It's all about keeping your alkaline levels up and acid levels down.  It's interesting and incredibly hard.  We know a couple who went on this radically over night due to extreme health problems and it's worked amazingly for them.

We have one issue... my husband likes very very few vegetables and vegetables basically make up the entire diet. 

Back to my smoothie - we started drinking 'green' powder a couple weeks - it's HORRID!  This morning I made a smoothie (with my FREE delmonte smoothie blends!) with the mixed berry powder.  It's actually  pretty good.  I hope as we continue down this path (small changes at a time!) I will post with our results and thoughts. 

Anyone know what to do with avocados?  :)


  1. guacamole, guacamole, and more guacamole??? :)

  2. LOL..yes...guacamole...and they are great chopped up on a salad.

  3. Thanks girls. I will try those suggestions. I hear it's really good for kids as well. Maybe I'll see if the kiddos will eat it!