Sunday, November 21, 2010


Cupcakes... they make everything better right?

Yesterday was by far the hardest day in parenting I have had so far.  Everything that could have went wrong did.... it was exhausting.  I even had a few tears thrown in there with my daughters.

This morning I got refreshed for about an hour in my Sunday school class... but I was on nursery duty and  an hour and half later I left almost in tears again.  My children were just driving me crazy today.

I was sad.

I felt lonely.

I felt like a horrible parent.

I could feel the yelling coming.

I wanted to run away from it.

Then I remembered her.... I remember what she did when she was on edge.

So we decided to bake.

I ignored the mess.

I let them lick the beaters *no lecturing please*

And I smiled and I enjoyed it.

Yes cupcakes make it all better.


  1. You are such a great Mommy...hang in there!!

  2. Jess, we all have those days. It makes you feel like an awful mommy and an awful person. But you made good on the old saying...when life gives you lemons, make! Looks like the kiddos really enjoyed it!!!! And let's face it, I'm sure mommy loved it too! (plus the end result helps...yum...cupcakes...)