Monday, November 15, 2010

Expired Coupons

 Odd title isn't it.  But I am thankful for expired coupons so I can help other people.  Did you know that expired coupons can be used 2 months past their expiration date at over seas military bases!  How awesome is that.  

For the past couple months I would send small amounts of coupons to random bases but never had a contact person.  I recently discovered an old friend from high school and her husband are stationed in Germany!!!  The excitement on both ends was quite high when we realized we could help each other.  I finally had someone directly to send them to and she said coupons are so needed over there.  It was truly an answer to a prayer that had been unspoken in my heart for awhile. 

Another piece of this is the blessing from the Indiana American Legion Unit 141 - these ladies just today gave me over 5 lbs of coupon (already cut!!!) to send over.  I cant wait to hear who all benefits from this shipment.  

I just hate to waste and throwing those coupons away every month was just killing me - surely someone could use them.  I spoke of this at our Fellowship Day this past weekend and I've had another lady contact me about a group she belongs to starting this up!  Isn't it great to see payoff on something you care about.  

Helping others is so rewarding, what have you done to help other today? 

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  1. Great idea! It will be a blessing to them when that package is opened!