Friday, November 5, 2010

Giant Eagle=AWESOME

OK I know this is another GE post... but I just came from the new one and it's beyond awesome. I have no words. 

I just scored $85.67 worth of groceries for $22.85.  SQUEAL!!! 

Breakdown of my order
15 Green Giant Vegetables 10/$10 - .60/3C (5)
2 Redi Whips $2 - 50.C (2)
6 Coffee Mates $1.50 - .75C (4) and 1.50C (2)
10 Betty Crocker Mashed Potatoes 10/$10 - .50/2C (5)
4 BC Sugar Cookies $2 - .40/1 C (4)
*FREE 9x13 cake pan
5 San G Quick Cook Pastas $1 - .55/1 C (5)

And I got back $10 worth of Catalinas....... so technically my total is 12.85.  Oh my gosh I am so excited.  :)  

See my previous post on where to print the San G pasta and Coffee Mate coupons. I know most of the coupons you can only print twice but have a friend print you some (I normally have my mom print me 2 of hers).  You just have to have patience until your coupon stockpile is built up! :)

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