Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I'm joining in for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers!

And being this week is Christmas I'm guessing the majority of those doing gratitude posts are going to be focusing on Jesus and His birth. 

And that's how it should be. Although this post has two different but related topics in it.

My husband and I are starting a tradition of viewing The Nativity Story every Christmas.  We watched it last year and it was amazing.  Very eye opening, as a new mom at the time the scene of Mary giving birth in a barn was just heart breaking.  I can not even fathom what that young girl went through.

Bless her heart.... I can not wait to see her above and give her a big hug and thank you for what she sacrificed for us. 

A friend of mine and fellow blogger wrote this post on not doing the 'Santa' thing.  I know exactly what she's talking about.  We receive the strangest looks when we announce that we are not doing the 'Santa' thing.  It's like we are depriving our children of the most basic foundations of their youth.

We just want the focus of Christmas to be on Christ.  And you know what's sad - the public feel it's ok to push Santa on us but heaven forbid we even think about sharing Jesus with them.  Why we would be pushing religion on them! 

I know this is not an easy topic and in no way am I judging those who do celebrate Santa (some of my best friends do this) but... if our decision is not to celebrate Santa then we should also not be looked down upon.  This is more about the double standard that is out there in the public.  We are destroying the very foundation of our kids by not having Santa come to visit us.... because we are celebrating what we believe in. 

If anyone wants the exact reasons why we don't celebrate Santa please contact me here

So today I am thankful for Jesus and what he did for us. I am thankful for Mary and all that she went through, I am also thankful for Joseph and what he had to suffer as well.  (Imagine being the dad of Jesus!).  I am also thankful for my husband and his decisions to protect our family. 

Every have a blessed and Merry Christmas!


  1. We went to Creekside's living nativity again this year, and it's so important to go! It is so easy to get caught up in all the crazy commercialized mess. We also will be starting a tradition of lighting a birthday candle and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus Christmas morning. I can completely understand why you choose to skip the Santa thing and respect that you also don't criticize those of us who do it. :) I really enjoyed this article and the history of St Nick and how things all came to be with the whole Santa bit and incorporating it. http://blog.marshillchurch.org/2010/12/13/what-we-tell-our-kids-about-santa-pastor-mark-for-the-washington-post/

  2. Laura - Thanks for the understanding. It's just something we've been convicted about and I'm frustrated by the negativity we've received because of it :)

    We do talk about St. Nick and everything he stood for (Love the veggie tale movie on him) - he's a real person we can talk about.... "Santa Claus" who lives at the north pole and makes all the presents with elves that's the piece we dont practice.


  3. Jessica--we've lived the 'no Santa' life for almost 20 years with our kids. They aren't scarred for life. They enjoy giving gifts to others. We are a very close family and I think that comes from being honest about all things. Even Santa. It is hard to go against the flow but I think that God sees it and is pleased.

  4. Hi Jess,
    Thanks for linking to my post!

    I didn't celebrate via Santa as a child, and my mom's reasoning seemed very good to me...she said the pastor's wife at her church told her that she had the hardest time believing in Jesus because she didn't know how her parents could lie to her about Santa, but be telling the truth about Jesus.

    I am so incredibly blessed that at the tender age of 3 1/2, Faith and jonathan have both asked Jesus into their hearts. Now, it is my job to water and nourish that tiny seed of faith...I am going to do a post soon about how exactly I am doing that.

  5. My husband and I have decided to not do Santa. His step father says we're missing out on a wonderful experience. I remember being heartbroken to find out my parents had lied to me for YEARS. I remember being disappointed on Christmas because I didn't get that expensive toy I wanted (Santa can afford anything, right?) We want our kids to know that Mommy and Daddy picked out their gift and that Christmas is about Christ.

  6. That's exactly why we dont either. I dont want my children to EVER doubt that Jesus and God exist. And I dont want them to ever doubt what I am telling them. There's enough in this world for them to have to figure out for themselves, this shouldn't be one of them! :)

    I grew up in a Santa house and still believe in Jesus but if some day one of my children would say 'no' to me and our beliefs because of it, I'm not sure I could live with myself.

    And just for the record - it's not just Santa we don't celebrate, it's the toothfairy, Easter Bunny, etc... we don't discriminate! :)

  7. We have the same tradition of watching The Nativity Story on Christmas eve..ever since it came out..AND no santa in our home either. I think its wonderful and more meaningful. Merry Christmas!