Thursday, December 9, 2010

Resolution Update

Well everyone makes mistakes right?

Went to CVS today and had my card, my mom's card, and my gram's card - 3 cards with 3 separate orders.  I was doing great until a lady commented on how organized I was.... boom.  I got flustered and screwed up the last order.  Somehow one of the cards ended up with the wrong ECB's (which can not be transferred from card to card) and I got confused and ended up paying way too much out of pocket. 

So bummed.

I ended up blowing the rest of my drug store budget almost down to the penny. 

So for the next 22 days I am going to have to very carefully figure out my totals and be sure that I don't exceed my ECB's or UP+Rewards when I go shopping.

I did learn my lesson - I need to be very careful - even the best of us still make mistakes sometimes.

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