Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Resolution Update

Haven't done an update in awhile..... Christmas is on Saturday for those who don't realize it yet!  :)

Things are going well with my resolutions though. 

I recently got accepted in a program that you receive free books to read and then you must review them on the company's website and on your blog.  I love to read.  I can so easily get into a book and forget everything else around me for hours.  And because of that exact reason I have made a deal with myself.  I am only allowed to read these (the books I receive via this program) while I'm walking on the treadmill. 

The one thing I absolutely love (reading) + the one thing I absolutely despise (exercise) = SUCCESS!!!

hee hee.  It's working so far.  The real indicator will be if I stick with it when I receive a book I'm not enjoying.

Money saving is proving to be a huge success.  Last week and this week have been a huge temptation for me - I wrote about blowing my drugstore money on accident so I don't have any left for that.  Rite-Aid has had some insane/amazing deals and it's been so hard to let them pass... but I have! 

Our grocery money looks pretty good right now but that will probably be completely gone by next week (no left overs here).  With Christmas dinners and parties coming up it will take a hit.  And I've decided because we (my hubby and I) don't have work all next week we are going to tackle some large amounts of freezer cooking.  I am super excited about this and will be sure to post regularly on how that is going.

I also recently discovered a new reason for success with money-saving.  There is a conference that I have been desiring to attend since last fall.  I would love to get a sponsor but I know my blog is small and in the early stages so I'm not sure of the chance of that.  (I am praying for one though) but.... my hubby has agreed that any 'left-over' money from the envelopes can be put away to cover the costs of the conference.  squeal!!! 

That is motivation enough for me!

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