Tuesday, May 17, 2011

CHAP Convention

I was in Harrisburg last week to attend the CHAP Convention (Christian Homeschool Association of PA) - my hubby and I left on Thursday afternoon and met up with our best friends about half way and the laughter started then.  It is soooo wonderful to have close, loving, and like-minded friends in your life. 

According to our husbands our first 'mistake' of the trip was to get ripped off by McDonald's by purchasing their .25cent strawberry lemonade.  They weren't bad but they weren't great..... although to the husbands it was like drinking mud I think. 

Then our hotel was not um.... completely finished... it was still in minor stages of construction, but it was a good deal for the price.  We did have some issues but overall it wasn't that bad..... if you don't mind waking up at 3AM covered in sweat because the air conditioner will only turn on when it's set at 60 degrees!


Once piece of advice I will give you.  If you look at a menu and it states "Located across the street from the hotel"  it might be a good idea to walk out of your hotel and locate the restaurant before you get in your car and drive 30 minutes trying to find that particular restaurant and then end up in the parking lot of a complete dive...... hee hee.  I am still chuckling at that adventure!

On to the convention....

This was an absolutely fantastic convention.  We all learned so much and it was mostly practical.  Many of the workshops were geared towards family who had been homeschooling for awhile or had large families with older children.  Neither of which was me!  

Us ladies had some good times as very informative sessions, and the guys really enjoyed sessions by Ken Ham (Creation Museum and Answers in Genesis) and other great speakers. 

I was so nervous in the beginning when I thought about homeschooling but after this weekend I am much more relaxed and anxious to start the journey.  I'm sure you'll be hearing lots about this in the coming months. :)

Oh and it helps that I won one of the giveaways - I won the Preschool Bible Curriculum from Positive Action for Christ!.  That sure made my Monday!

I am just so thankful for the opportunity that we had to attend this conference and to make memories with our friends.  We were able to leave our babies in good hands with the grandparents and relax and enjoy ourselves while be taught and guided in these next steps as parents trying to raise Godly children.  Praise God for all the wonderful resources out there!

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