Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Whew... is it hot or what?

Within one week we've went from 50 degrees, rain and miserable to 95 degrees, hot and miserable.... got to love western PA!

Sorry I've been quiet on this front.  Memorial Day weekend got away from me and I've been busy getting ready for our community yard sale.  Yard sales are so much work! But I love it - I'm trying something new this year and not selling very many clothes or household items. 

I'm selling AVON surplus and my drugstore game surplus.  :) I have so many toothpastes, shampoos, soaps, OTC meds, copier paper, etc.... I just need to get rid of some of my stuff - the closet was getting really full. And I'm hoping that people appreciate a good deal!

Oh and that maybe the Amish will be interested... you never know what they are going to buy. ha

So anyhow, that's what has been going on here.  The baby and I are doing great (the pool is our best friend right now).  I have officially decided on a date for my last day of work - July 8th!  Crazy and scary but so exciting as well.

Stay cool!

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