Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Question for you.....

So if you hired a contractor and had the following problems what would you do?

- supplies have cost 50% more than what you budgeted because the list they gave you was not all inclusive.
- 6 out of the 7 day they were here you had to run for miscellaneous items because they forgot to tell you what they needed. (keeping in mind Lowe's is 25 miles away!)
- they left out your fathers tools in the rain
- they 'bought' one case of pop off of you (took 3 reminders to pay you) and then the next day just assumed it would be ok and took another case off your garage shelves and put it in the freezer without telling you (and you thankfully found the extra cans before they froze and burst).
- they smoked in your garage without asking if it would be ok hence making the downstairs 'smelly' as my daughter puts it.

The list could go on.....

You'd be pretty upset huh. You'd be frustrated.  You'd be 'over' it. 

Now what would you say if I told you it was Amish we had contracted with.  Would that change your mind about the above items?

It seems that is the case.  But to me it's a job just like any other and if we contracted with a regular business we would just be as upset with the above issues.  This past week and half has been hard. Very very hard.  This pregnant body can not keep up.  I absolutely can not give a big enough shout-out to my dad and father-in-law for the help they have been.  Thankfully I have not had to do any of the running or being in the car with the smoke.   But the money situation has really been eating at me and causing me lots of stress. 

Yes I am totally 'over' them right now.


  1. Them being Amish changes my mind not at all...they would be treated as any person I hired and expected results. In this case...fired. you don't need the stress or expenses.

  2. The fact that they're Amish would surprise me, but wouldn't change my mind about their actions. Amish are still humans...they make mistakes too, no one is perfect. I don't blame you for being frustrated, that sounds like an awful experience. I hope this ordeal is over soon for you, hang in there! This is just a season in your life, and it too shall pass, whether you choose to just get the job finished, or find someone else to do it.

  3. Wow, I'm really surprised at this behavior. If they are Amish however, I WOULD change how they were treated, not in being more lax, but harsher. If they are willing to live their lives as close to God and hold steady to their beliefs, they should follow the Bible they read to the letter when it says "When you work, work as though you are working for God" Colossians 3:23

    I would expect more from people who profess their faith so openly and devoutly.


  4. Sadly, if you are not also Amish, and I would guess not as you are on the internet, it might seem harder to approach them as fellow Christians. However harder is not impossible.
    First is the project done?
    If it is NOT done, Speak with the Head of the Project and express your list of Frustrations and expectations if you want to let them finish, or give them the pink slip.
    If the Project is Done, you have less you can do because you did not address the issues as they accured. You let them pile up. I would still express your disappointment to the head person, if he does not offer something to ease your frustration, then I would write a polite but disappointed letter to their elders. It might not help you, but it lets the elders know that they are making a poor impression on their "neighbors".