Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Our family had quite the scare yesterday.... it's so hard to concentrate on other things when stuff like this happens.... head over here to read my post about hidden savings. :)

But our story....

My son (2 1/2) loves nutella on waffles and has eaten it many many times.  Yesterday after he ate his snack (aka smeared nutella all over his face and hands) I wiped him down and he started to cough/gag. Now this isn't uncommon for him so I gave him a drink of milk and he continued to cough - so I handed him a cup of water. He took a drink and went on his way.  I called my mom for something and my son came over crying. Upon looking at him he had turned bright red and had these huge ugly white welts all over his face .... I freaked out and asked my mom to come over.... at this point he was crying, scratching at his neck, and just looked like he was panicking. When my mom got here (60 seconds at most) she advised to call the dr or 911 or the dr or 911... we couldn't make our minds. So I called the dr and got no answer to decided to call 911.

I do not focus well at all when things are going crazy.... as I was on the phone with 911 I ran upstairs to get changed (I was still in my PJ's - my husband will later tell me - life lesson #1 - get dressed in the morning). I could not for the life of me decide what to wear... yes true story. I changed three times while yelling at myself in my head the entire time. ugh...

But anyhow I explained what was going on to the dispatcher and he said they were sending am ambulance over.  My mom was outside with my son who had been acting like he was going to throw up because he was gagging and coughing.  I should also note that we also had 4 other children here running around - my 4 1/2 year old daughter, my 7 month daughter, and two nieces... PURE CRAZINESS!

So I ran downstairs and relieved my mom who left me with my son and took the other four children home with her.  At this point I also called my husband and informed him of what was going on.  The ambulance showed up and my son FLIPPED OUT... he was terrified but it was also reassuring that he was alert and knew what was going on. He was still covered in welts and was gagging.  He had thrown up twice by then so I knew his air passages were at least clear and open at that point.  We decided that it would be best to be seen at the ER so off we went for his first ride in am ambulance and he did not like it at all. not one little bit. :(  But he was a champ and did so well. They gave him a shot of medicine in the ambulance and by time we got to the hospital he was groggy but doing so much better.  I was drained at that point. My husband met me there and took over.... such a relief.  (My husband has a very long list of allergies so that added to the scary aspect about a million times).

Once he was checked over and given the ok we made an appt with our pediatrician and got the information for a pediatric allergist that we will be making an appt with today! I am thankful for so many things -

My mom living so close and able to help out
The ambulance arriving quickly and how helpful they were
The 911 dispatcher who kept me calm and on the phone for awhile
That it wasn't worse - God gets all the glory for that!
The doctors and nurses who were kind and gentle with my son
Our ped who adores children and fit us in so quickly
That modern technology/medicine is available for situations like this

To God be the glory for EVERYTHING!

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