Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Baby Update: Week 30

30 weeks.... seems like forever since I announced it and yet 10 weeks still seems so far away.  I'm trying really hard to enjoy this since this is more than likely our last pregnancy. But yet I am still wishing away the days.
I would love to:
  • be able to bend down without groaning
  • sleep all night without getting up to pee or having crazy leg cramps
  • eat whatever I want
  • drink whatever I want

Not that I don't want this pregnancy but I just want it to be over. I'm done already and I still have 10 more weeks.  I have lots to keep me busy in the next 2 1/2 months but that's even more of the problem. I just can't go at the same speed I have been. I pay for it the next day for sure.  So at this point I'm just tired. I need to do some major revamping of our lives and simplifying even more.  My Lilla Rose business is taking off and while I'm excited it is tiring.... hoping to push now and then spend some down time once the baby comes.

Mr Micah is super active... for those who have had boys and girls - do you remember a difference in their activity level while in the womb? I sure do. Boys are WAY more active then girls.... and they hurt a lot more - just stronger with their kicks and punches... I'm pretty sure I'm bruised in one spot already.  I passed my glucose testing which I almost always do but am still having some blood issues - my platelet numbers are jumping all over the place so that's annoying and frustrating.... researching ways to bring them back up naturally so that I don't have to have steroids or be induced. Two things I really detest!

I have to give a huge shout-out to my hubby though - we make such an awesome team and in his words 'we'd be screwed without each other'. :)

So we're plugging on and focusing on the end prize.... a sweet baby boy. How do I not wish these days away right now?

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  1. Hang in there, Jessica! You know my story, but as a preemie mommy who had an unexpected, emergency birth at 31 weeks, I would've given anything to have those last weeks of pregnancy. Suffering through the aches, pains, and swelling of the end of a pregnancy would've been a joy compared to the month that I spent in the NICU with my baby girl. Every mommy deserves to complain some - it's a right we earn that comes with the territory! But, my two cents is to just be thankful that you have a healthy little one safe and sound where he belongs. Hopefully that helps you to push on through the last weeks! Good luck!!