Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1 hour, 3 stores, time to eat lunch, and prayers

I think we set a record today - Hubby and I managed 3 stores in an hour lunch and still had time to grab a bite to eat. 

Went to CVS again... ok when you tell me that the truck isn't unloaded and to come back tomorrow - I expect the stuff to be out.  Nope was told again to come back tomorrow.  Starting to lose faith in CVS.  While I was there, hubby was returning something at Lowe's down the road.

Then we quickly drove to Wal-Mart and scored pretty good there. I finally got to use my free shave gel coupons that I had been trying to use at CVS.  Also got 4 large Crest Mouthwashes (from this past sunday's P&G) - not the best price but we were running low. 

Had two other coupons that were going to be running out for Got2b smooth hairspray - the price said 4.92 - I had a $2.50 coupon.  Went back and forth and finally decided it would make a great stocking stuff for someone (mom - hope you're not reading this!).   Checked out and it rang up $3.64!  Very nice surprise.

And finally - picked up a couple Benadryl itch sticks.  Go here for $4/2 coupons.  These ended up only costing me .38 cents each!  They are perfect for keeping in diaper bags and lunch boxes (for those who work outside!).

Prayers.... I have been desiring to attend this conference from the first day I read about it. I have contacted many companies about sponsoring me but none have worked out.  There is currently a give-away happening right now and I so desperately want to win this ticket!  If not, I ask that you please pray for peace and acceptance for me that this just might not be part of my Lord's will this year.  Thanks!

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