Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Check your receipts

One tip for all you money-saving moms (and dads) out there.  Be sure to always check your receipt, keeping a running tally in your mind of how much your total should be after coupons and instant deductions.

Stopped in at Giant Eagle this morning to stock up on a couple items that were on sale. One of them was the Cheerios deal - buy 5/$15, receive an instant $5 bucks off.  Plus I had $5 worth of coupons. 

Be sure to pay attention to signs.

Turns out - every single variety of cheerios was included in this deal .... except Honey Nut (annoying).  Seriously, every variety except that one. 

As my order was ringing up I never saw the $5 be deducted off.  As soon as the receipt was handed to me I scanned it quickly and realized that the HN Cheerios were not on sale and not included in the deal. 

Thankfully the manager was super helpful and very accommodating to me.   You will get the best results if you immediately go to the service desk.  I'm not sure the transaction would have been as easily to fix had I left and came back later. 

It sure pays to pay attention to details.

A summary of my order from today:
1 reusable bag - Free (from card purchased for a fundraiser)
5 Yoplait Delights - $1 ( 5 .50 cent coupons)
2 Hummus - B1G1 - 3.78 for both
1 Rotini - .67 ($1 coupon)
2 Yoplait Plus - $1 (2 .50 cent coupons)
1 Large vanilla yogurt (for our smoothies - more on that later) - 2.50
3 regular, 2 multi-grain cheerios ($5 instant deduction, $5 in coupons) - $5 for 5 boxes!

Save $17 in coupons today, $7.73 in weekly specials, used a $3 Catalina coupon.  Total 17.99 for all of that!

Whew. I'm ready for a nap.


  1. All I can say is...you ROCK Jess!!! I need to be better about coupon clipping!!!

  2. Nice job :) I did the cheerios deal, too, but realized about the Honey Nut before hand, luckily. I have had experiences in the past, though, and I agree that going to the service desk immediately is always beneficial. Not only will you not forget to do it later, but I've had the service desk employee go to the register to retrieve my coupons before, too!