Friday, October 22, 2010


I need to apologize. I got ahead of the game and posted some samples that were 'free'.  Upon some reporting from someone I realized that these companies were asking for way too much information and were just a bigger hassle then what they were worth.


From here on out I am going to have someone (it's a secret) test out the samples/link/sites before I post them to be sure of a couple things:

1) they are legit
2) they are easy
3) they really are free
4) etc... :)
5) but I will make mistake so please be willing to forgive me AND if you come across something that doesn't turn out right please let me know so I can remove it or explain it. 

I have removed the offending links and hope to not have this issue in the future.  This is my fail for the week! :) You have to live and learn that's for sure.  Hope you all understand and stay with me!

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