Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ladies Day Information

I thought I would describe our Ladies Fellowship Day that our church is hosting in a little more detail. 

This workshop was a result of many women coming up to me and asking me how I got so many things for FREE!  How in the world do I stay organized, complete everything that I need to do in one day, and try to eat healthy (that was me asking another lady each Sunday!).  And truthfully - I don't.  I don't have it all together, I'm not organized and I don't always save money.  But I do try my hardest to honor God with what He has give me. 

So below is a brief description of the sessions we are having.

Living Well – Taking care of your health & body:  Two of my dear friends (Amber & Deb) are teaching this session.  They are just a wealth of information on how to eat healthy while on a budget.   Amber has many food allergies in her children that she has to take into consideration while cooking.  I just spent an hour with her at Back to Nature and am so excited to sit under her teaching.   We are also talking about the possibility of planning big shopping trips to Trader Joes, East-End Co-op, etc to help everyone get the most 'bang for their buck!'.

A Life of Contentment - The life of Ruth: Amber is also teaching this one but I will keep it a secret.

Making the most of the money God has given:  This session is my baby (and I am terrified!).   I always loved saving money.  But until a dear friend (Angie) introduced me to hip2save, and moneysavingmom did I realize how much I had been missing out on.  Just this week I nabbed 3 or 4 Christmas gifts for free.  How much better can you get then that?  So after so many people asking me week after week how I do it I did two things.  1) I started this blog :)  and 2) I got together with Amber and decided to host a fellowship day at our church.  My intentions are to go through a normal week of my shopping.  From Sunday to Saturday - start to finish, and include everything that I use to achieve my goals. 

But ....
most importantly what I want to cover during this day is why we are doing these things - taking care of our bodies, spirits, families, friendships, etc.  Because God entrusted them to us - they are His and He gave them to us.  We need to honor Him with these gifts.  Our bodies are temples that must be taken care of.  We must be good stewards of the money he's blessed us with.  The more money we save - the more we have to bless others around us.

I am also looking forward to connecting with each of you, and helping friendships grow while maybe making some new ones.  God is in this and even if we only have 10 people - it will be a blessing to those 10 :)

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