Sunday, October 3, 2010

Out Giving God

Do you think it's possible to out give God?

Sometimes I think we do.... we know what's best with our money, we know how we need to use it, we have things we need to buy, things we have to have, we have needs... too many needs......

Oh, how wrong our hearts are.

Everything God gave us.... he gave us to glorify Him with.  Everything we have is His - our homes, our children, our cars, our clothes, our jobs.  They are all His. But how often do we hold certain pieces close to us - how often do we willing give everything... except for that one thing, oh and maybe this one other thing - it just means too much to us.  God don't you know how much that means to me.

My child... don't you know how much my Son meant to me.  *gulp*

Our lesson in Sunday School today was on giving - it's lead by an amazing teacher.  He challenges us in ways that I never even dream about.

A very interesting thing that I learned today is that 'tithing' is actually an Old Testament law.  We are not held to the 10% law today.  There is no minimum and there is no maximum we are accountable for.  Just that we give - and that we give with a willing and obedient heart.  Someone could give a $1 million dollars that is just change to them, and someone could be giving $10 dollars a week but is their last $10 dollars. Who is giving the most?  Who is giving with the most faith?

10% should be consider a good starting point... a baseline in which to grow with.  hmm never thought about it in that way.  We also should not only give to our local churches - we need to think beyond our church family. 

What did you learn today?


  1. This morning in my devotions I learned that, just as Elijah in the Old Testament, I need to learn to listen for that still, small voice from God.

  2. Tithing is such a good way to help us let go of these temporal things. Beautiful thoughts.

  3. Thank you for the kind words.

    That still small voice is sometimes so hard to hear over our loud whiny voice (at least mine!).

    Cara - isn't that the truth - everything we have is all so temporal - here for just a short while. Scary to think how accountable we will be for what we did with those things God gave us!