Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Christmas Shopping!

If you haven't started your Christmas shopping yet - here's a comprehensive list of places on the web that are offering great deals right now.  They are smaller stores so your chances of getting a good deal is high.  Plus you'll probably end up with unique gifts instead of cookie cutter items from the bigger chain stores.  Enjoy!
*Clarification - none of these sites requires any money to sign-up.  They are all free to join.

*New Ones*
Zulily - if you're looking for children's gifts this is the place to shop!  Another daily deals site but this one is only for moms, babies, and kids.  I *swoon* this one. :) ha

OneKingsLane -  Another great site for great deals for the home.  This one is hit or miss but you never know when you'll find that 'right' piece for just the right price.

Graveyardmall - I got an awesome daily deal here yesterday - 9 pairs of sunglasses shipped for $9.99 - the retail value was over $250.  These would make great gifts for anyone.  Their motto is 'where high prices come to die' - love it :)

Avon - If you need stocking stuffers - this is the place I would go (and just just cause I sell the stuff!). They have some really amazing deals going on right now. Plus if you're local you can have me deliver it for free!  And go through shopathome and earn cash back on your purchases.

Groupon - this is an awesome site for very localized gifts.  I've noticed some great prices on massages lately - what woman wouldn't love a massage for Christmas?  So even if you don't want to buy the deal that's out there today - sign up and enjoy the future deals.

RueLaLa - I can not praise the company enough! (I love when credits can be used towards shipping).  This store has very unique boutiques that sell items at insane prices for about 2 days or until the items are gone.  I HIGHLY recommend this store - it's wonderful for people like me who don't live anywhere close to a large shopping area. 

Modnique - and if you're looking for jewelry or watches - this is the place to shop!  They are still offering the coupon star for an additional $10 off till 11/30.  So please take the time to sign up and browse this place..... - this place looks to carry items only for your home - but oh are they beautiful!!!

Gilt Groupe  was able to help me find the perfect Christmas gift for my hubby.  They actually carry his size of socks and if any of you know my hubby you know how hard that is to find!!!

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