Friday, December 17, 2010

Just Wondering

if it's possible to sleep through exercise?

I went to bed last night very determined that I was going to get up and walk in the morning. 

My alarm went off and I hate the snooze.  once.  and then again in 7 minutes.

And laid there.... ok I need to get up I am never going to see results (weight loss) if I don't work for them. So i got up.  Stumbled downstairs.  Kissed my hubby for getting up early and baking some Christmas cookies (yes he is that awesome!). And got on the treadmill.

I honestly think I slept through the 20 minutes I managed without falling off the treadmill. I've been reading Different by Design (Macarthur Study Series) and really enjoy it.  But I don't remember much about it today.

So today wasn't as successful as I would have liked but I did get up and exercise - no matter how pathetic it was. 

Now I'm off to shower and hoping it will wake me up enough to be productive at work today!

Happy Friday!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Jess, I laughed out loud at this one!!! You made the effort and that counts for A LOT! Who knows! Maybe you had the best workout of your life and just don't remember it! I wish that I could sleep through exercise!