Thursday, December 16, 2010

Resolution Update

Yes I'm starting my resolutions a month early - read about them here.

Exercise - This week has been very non-productive.  My son decided to pass along his sickness to everyone else in the house.  Today I think is the first day we have all felt semi-normal, except my ears they still fill like they might explode at some point.  So this is not going well for exercise this week.

Money-saving -I think this is going well.  We have two weeks left before the end of the month and I still have money left so it's successful so far. :)

So in summary

week 1 - X, X
week 2 -X. X. X
week 3 -

Groceries - $300 - $ 175.54 left
Restaurants - $40 - $26.03 left
Rite-Aid/CVS - $40 - $0 left
Miscellaneous - $150 - $50.66 left

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