Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tandem Review

I recently was accepted in the Blogging for Books Program. I just finished reading my first book I received to review - Tandem by Tracey Bateman.

Amazon reviews it with this statement "is a bit of a holy roller in an evangelical Christian novel that deals logically with the theme of redemption without getting preachy about it."

I couldn't agree less.  For it being a "Christian" book there was little to no mention of God, His saving grace, or redemption in the Christian sense.  The longest God was even discussed was on the last page and at that it was very sparse and not very clear.   It is a story about vampires which had me a little on guard to begin with.  The basis of the story was entertaining and enjoyable but not once did I feel it was a 'Christian' themed book.  In what Christian book do the vampires live happily ever after?

I just felt it was odd and a little poorly written (there was even a typo in it - pg 147). I would not recommend this book to many looking for a good Christian theme - if you're looking for an easy and entertaining read then this is for you!

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  1. I reviewed this book also-I was a little nervous that I would be the only one to give it a poor review. I was glad to see that you agreed with me!