Thursday, December 30, 2010

Where I've Been

Yes I've been a little MIA over here.  Christmas is such a busy time, and I am so thankful that my job (a local university) basically closes down this week so I've been able to stay home and gets lots done.  This might be a longer post but I thought I would just catch everyone up on what's been going on around here.

Christmas was wonderful.  My two kiddos got up early and took a fantastic 2 hour nap before we started the traveling to grandparents.  My daughter was adorable and not too interested in gifts this year, she'd open one and want to play with it.  We'd offer her more and her response "No, not right now".  Loved it!

My resolutions have been split. The exercising has not been happening - I'm nursing a sore throat and full ears right now.  Hoping it's just from the warm front coming in this weekend.

Our money-saving went so well that I have expanded it. And also learned a couple things along the way. Our categories that we're tracking are below.

Groceries - we went over last month because of two reasons 1) Christmas and all the extra baking, covered dishes, etc and 2) We ended up cooking ahead for the entire month of January (post coming later on that).  Right now we have 17-18 meals froze and ready to be heated up at moment's notice.  So I bought lots of extras right before we went on Christmas break..... although the month of January should be slim since I won't have the need to grocery shop. If I am going to continue to do this, I may need to have a 2 month's budget at one time.
Restaurants -
Drugstore Game - this really helped to keep me in check with all the 'deals' that are out there.
Miscellaneous - this was also very helpful in keeping those 'extra's in check.
Medical - this will include prescriptions, co-pays, etc.  Not sure how this one will work but we'll wait and see.
Rufus - our dog.  I know we wont spend money on him every month, but it will help me to save over the course of the year for his yearly check-up - aka = big vet bill.
Transportation - oil changes, maintenance, etc.  This is another one that probably wont be used each month BUT it help to save up for those big things that come about = TIRES.
Household -
Clothes -

Kids -
* those last four are ones that are really just a way to save extra money each month. ha! I would not anticipate we'll have many expenses coming out of those but it's good to have the money out of sight, out of mind.

Yesterday during nap time (for the kids) my hubby and I finally got to watch a movie we got last year for Christmas.  yes that's how busy we are.  :)  Has anyone seen Fireproof?  Yes we are way behind the times, but that's ok.  We really really enjoyed it.  I would highly recommend purchasing this for yourself or for a friend.  Sometimes it's good to watch these movies when things are still going well so you're reminded of why you want to keep things going good.

And this is the book that goes along with the movie - if you can't get the movie - give the book a try. 

Really really enjoyed this movie.

If anyone has some extra Christmas money laying around - check out this link.  I would so love to have this book, just read the first chapter here - and you'll be hook.  It's an amazing book about grace, and the level of God's grace.


So anyhow, that's where I've been.  Busy.   In the next couple days I hope to post my goals and dreams for this little blog in 2011.  There are a couple things tumbling around in my mind right now and I can't wait to see them all come about.  Hugs to all of you.


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