Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Location, Location, Location

Isn't that what they always say matters the most?

Japan has been laying heavy on my heart lately as I'm sure it has for everyone.  And it's also brought about some old lingering fears that start to creep in and want to take over my life. 

But then I stop and remember....

A tsunami here? in Western PA?

Not likely!

I am so thankful for where I live.  Short of a massive snow storm that's going to shut us in for a couple days, maybe with or without electricity.... in the entire scheme of things.  It's not that bad.  Oh and maybe a tornado every once in a very long time.  But no major flooding, no hurricanes, no earthquakes, no tsunamis, no typhoons, etc.  It's a pretty quiet area.  And I love it!

I hate when fears start to take over.  I hate when I let Satan win and I begin to doubt God and His awesomeness. 

I love when I remember to trust God, I love when I remember that He's here to help, and I love when I remember he's put me in a place (location) where those fears are silly.  Now I'm not saying we couldn't get him by a tsunami.... anything is possible with God, but I just think this is one more area where God is working on me and teaching me that sometimes my fears really are just that.... silly.

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