Saturday, March 12, 2011



I know I sort of disappeared this week. It's been a rough week. I went out of town for two days (while sick), my husband is still sick, we had doctor appointments like crazy, our dog got sprayed by a skunk which lead to the worst migraine I've had in a very long time, I just felt wore down and exhausted. 

But it's finally Saturday.... a Saturday with nothing going on and it feels wonderful. I've got two kids napping, a husband who finally is on the mend and working on his Sunday School lesson for tomorrow, one still smelly dog curled up next to me, and me finding some time to catch up on things.  Oh and trying to avoid starting my taxes.  I really hate doing taxes.... last year my mom did them for me and I paid in her a new deep fryer that has brought us all much joy.  Not sure why we aren't doing that again this year..... we all benefited from that. ha!

I haven't been posting many deals lately.  I've not been feeling overly excited about some of them.  I think my stockpiling has finally gotten to me and I just needed a break.  Plus my hubby and I are going away for a couple days next week and I've been putting any extra money away for this trip so that we don't end up over budget for the month.  I'm super excited about this - we've never been to New Orleans!  I plan on blogging about it each day and how we are saving money. 

So that's what has been going on here.....  Thanks for sticking around!

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