Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Orleans!

And we're here......  I really hate traveling.  What I wouldn't give for the transporter from Star Trek!

Almost 9 hours later we finally arrived at our hotel. No major problems just took awhile. 

But it's Sunday morning, hubby is headed off to the conference (that's the only part that really bothers me that the conference started Sunday morning) but anyhow.  I'm sitting here getting ready to enjoy an actual cup of hot tea.  I love this hotel. It's the Staybridge Suites and I highly recommended it.  We just got back from breakfast which was fantastic and I am waiting for my cup of tea to steep after having water actually boiled on the mini stove top we have.  Plus a full size fridge, sink, and microwave.  *sigh*.... it's wonderful. 

My plan today is to not do too much... :)  I have a couple ebooks I've been hanging on to and since I didn't sleep too well last night I think a nap is in order.  I'll head out to get some lunch (post on that later) and then hubby is picking me up to walk back to the conference center.  I'm going to hang out there during his last session and then we are attending some type of reception (Free Food!).  Other than that today is going to be relaxing.... I'm super excited. 

But boy do I miss my babies.....

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