Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 2

Well day 2 is here for my 'vacation'.  :) 

Yesterday was nice.... I read some books, watched a couple movies (love The Blind Side!), took a nap.  All wonderful things.  Hubby stopped by in the afternoon and I walked back with him to the convention center.  After that the next order of business was to find something to eat..... which was so much harder than I thought it was going to be.  They were either complete shacks or really fancy.... neither of which we are.  We did pass one place that wasn't open yet - opening in 5 minutes but there wasn't a person around.... well for some place that was opening in 5 minutes I'd rather have some interest.  Right across from our hotel is this place called "Mother's".  All day yesterday I watched this place and the line was never less than 10-15 people outside the door.... so we decided if we got back and the line was short we would go there - otherwise it was a pizza picnic in the room. 

There were only 5 people in line so we hurried over and got in line.  When we walked in we thought maybe we had made a mistake.... it sure wasn't fancy or tidy or neat...  for any Indiana folks reading this - reminded us of 9th street deli. 

But we were already in and in line so we took the plunge.  Hubby got the Mother's world famous baked ham hoagie and I had a grilled shrimp hoagie.  The shrimp hoagie was amazing.... totally and absolutely amazing.  Of course couldn't finish it all so hubby got to have both... he would like to go back and get his own shrimp hoagie. ha!

But other than that it was a quiet day. 

Today (Monday) I am spending the morning hanging out in the room and then this afternoon I'm headed over to the Riverwalk and meeting hubby there for dinner.... any suggestions?

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