Thursday, April 28, 2011

Anxious. Stressed. Scared.

what other words can I use to describe myself right now......

Tired. Frustrated. Overwhelmed.

My husband had sinus surgery last week.... I have no complainants about him and his recovery (well I would have preferred he showered sooner) but my children were out of control the entire week following.  Being a single parent while the other one is in the house but unable to interact with your children is hard.  very very hard.  My poor kids didn't understand, they couldn't figure out why daddy was around but couldn't play with them or interact.  Plus being 3 months pregnant did not help.  I was so beyond tired, still battling morning/noon/night sickness and worried about my hubby. 

My lovely son was up at 5:30 every day.... every single day.  Crying and screaming for no reason. 

Today my hubby is working from home so I left the kids with him while I came into work.  At 6:50 when I left both of my children were still sleeping.  really? 

I cried.  I cried big crocodile tears.  Ever just have one of those days were all you wanted was to sleep in and never got it and the one day you can't sleep in - the children do. 

I was so frustrated when I left this morning. 

But then I want to slap myself. I have so much to be thankful for.  I am full of God's grace and love.  I'm not perfect and I'm going to screw up every single day.  More than likely multiple times before I even reach breakfast.  But I can't give up.  I can't use that as an excuse. I must still move forward and try to give God glory in all that I do. 

But all I'd really like right now is a morning to sleep in for just an hour......  :)

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  1. I just wanted to say I hear you, you have my sympathy and I understand that a bad day or two doesn't mean you aren't head over heels in love with your family and life. Some days/seasons are genuinely very, very hard.

    Still reading! :)