Tuesday, May 3, 2011


so I got a new pillow.  To some this may seem extremely trivial..... but for someone who has been struggling with migraines for days at a time during this pregnancy......  I am beyond words. 

My sweet hubby did some research and there are new water pillows out there.  So I bit the bullet and got one.  I never splurge on anything and $36 dollars for a pillow almost made me choke.  But I slept for the first time last night like I did before pregnancy (minus the three pee trips!).  I am so grateful for a hubby who pushed me and did the research for me.

So if anyone is in the need for a new pillow.... this is the one I recommend.... again and again. 

Happy Sleeping!
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  1. I may have to try that pillow, I suffer with migraines even when I'm not pregnant.