Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pregnancy Friend

Everyone needs one.... the friend who's been through or going through the exact same thing you.  The one won't blink at your question or comments.  The one who just knows.

The one who can say

"I understand"

Those words mean so much to a very hormonal and emotional woman! My first two pregnancies I was blessed to go through them with a close cousin.  Down to finding out we were pregnant the same week and being due within a couple days of each other - with both pregnancies. 

This third time I was saddened to find out that it would not be happening again.  I was going to miss those daily emails that started out with "My complaint of the day is....".  You just never knew what you were going to get - anywhere from "I'm 5 months and a lady just told me I looked like I could give birth any day" to "If I have to get up one more time during the night to pee I'm going to scream".  I loved it. It was a wonderful release of pent up pregnancy emotions and feelings.

Words do matter - and sometimes they don't have to be elegant or intellectual words.  They just have to be words telling you that someone understands or someone knows what you are going through. 

The Lord has provided me with someone who is going through her 3rd pregnancy at just the same time I am.  It's be wonderful and so comforting to find this old/new friend.  She understand the struggles of already have two young children, of how your body changes so much quicker, the odd cravings, and extreme tiredness that happens even sooner then before. 

Words do matter - sometimes in ways we may not even notice.... sometimes just being there and understanding means the world to someone.

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  1. I completely understand!!! I was so lucky to have Laura B pregnant at the same time so we could compare notes and commiserate! It is nice to have a friend that you can talk to about anything...especially during pregnancy!

  2. You are so absolutely right. I never had that, though. For my first, I had older, more experienced women who all felt the need to tell me horror stories about their 36 hours of labor. Not very comforting!