Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Sneak Peek

Anyone want to see a sneak peek of our family portraits we got taken while on vacation?

Check it our here!

Vacation was awesome but coming home is always a struggle.  The packing up is so much harder than the original packing. But the house had a washer and dryer so we did laundry all week to stay ahead of it.  That was nice not coming home to an entire suitcase full of dirty laundry!

I am so thankful that we got this opportunity.  It was my husband's entire extended family minus only 2 cousins - so there was 24 of us in total.  It was wonderful and we got some awesome pictures which I am hoping to post in the coming days.  The great-grandparents were able to attend for a couple days and hopefully felt the love that was surrounding and supporting them.

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