Tuesday, February 19, 2013


So I had every intention of starting to blog this week and then boom - life happened.  My entire family has caught a cold and of course it affects each one differently - miss Naomi has got the poopies which has not been fun cause her butt is red :(  Lydia and Josiah are just whiny and unable to comfort right now... plus trying to remind a 3 and 5 yr old to use tissues is like talking to my dog sometimes.  Which if anyone knows my dog is completely useless... and as I typed this Josiah started gagging.... oh today should be fun!

But you know what... this is life. I can moan and complain, I can cry and scream, or I can just resign myself to the fact this is life - not in a depressing or sad way but just that this is life and when my babies are sick I am able to bless them with extra snuggles, movies on the couch, teaching in the moment instead of having formal school, treats of apple juice and cinnamon/sugar toast!  It's looking at life in a different way that makes you either enjoy or hate the day before you. 

I've talked briefly about some of Lydia's issues and yesterday we started school back up with her. We also received some new exercises to complete with her - after having all last week off and then a full day yesterday by last evening she was an emotional basketcase! Oh my sweet little Lydia it will get better and you know I handled it better then I would have in the past because I realized that she was overwhelmed and struggling with the amount of information we had put into her head during the day.  And it was sweeter.  Now Josiah on the other hand... spent the evening in the corner screaming for a snack but refused to try even one bite of his dinner....sigh. You win some you lose some. :)

I have to give a shout out to my insanely awesome husband.... this morning he asked if I slept well and I said not really - his response 'you must have, you slept through 2 Josiahs and 1 Naomi wake-up call' .... oops! :)

But I am thankful for life because that's where we get to bless and give grace to others.

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  1. Thank you for this. All 4 of us have been sick this week as well. And I can totally relate - it just throws everything "off". I've recently started going back to Bible Study and we are reading 1000 Gifts (the devotional) and we are learning about finding joy in everyday living and living in the moment, so this post reminded me to take a deep breath because I have been so incredibly frustrated this past week. Thanks, Jess! =)