Wednesday, April 17, 2013

c25k - day two

I did it!!! I got up again to walk/jog on the treadmill. girls - this is huge for me.  :)

Seriously having so many people pulling for me (Lia, Debbie, and Marissa for instance) and that is really making me more accountable. And I'm loving that! so THANK YOU. :)

Here was day two's workout:
5 minute warm-up
10 minutes
30 sec intervals
5 minute cool down

You win some, you work at some - my successes for today - I got up. I was on the treadmill for a full 20 minutes, and I completed 1 mile.  Mind you I have not run/jogged a mile since high school (some odd 14 years ago).  My fails for today - I did not make it up to 4.5mph.  I walked or jogged at 3.5mph. That is one downfall of the treadmill - you can't easily and quickly jump between the two speeds. Maybe when the intervals are longer it will work, but with only doing it for 30 seconds at a time, I just stayed at one speed.

I am a very numeric person - I knew I had 10 sets to complete so that's how I ticked them off in my head. It works - I even counted steps 30 for walking, 60 for jogging.... odd I know but that way I know the end is coming and where I'm at on that scale.

The program is 8 weeks, three days a week.  My 'goal' is to complete the program on M, W, F.  On the off days I will try to complete some mini-trampoline work, and dropspins (if anyone was color guard you'll know what I mean).  We used to do hundreds of these at practice while I was in high school.  I can barely do 50 on each arm now without them burning..... I have lots of work to do. :)

If anyone is interested - here's the link where I found this program at - Treadmill Workout.

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