Friday, April 19, 2013

c25k - day three

I must be crazy. I've actually gotten up, out of bed before my alarm to walk/job on the treadmill.  This never happens.  Since Jan 2007 I have either been pregnant or nursing one of my babies.... this is the first time in a long time that sleep was not my number one priority. It doesn't help (but it is nice) that my husband's goal every morning is to let me get as much sleep as possible.... so I'm not normally encouraged to get out of bed!  :)

Day three's workout:
5 minute warm-up
10 minutes
1 minute intervals
5 minute cool down
(20.30 minutes, 1.05 miles)

You win some, you work at some - for two of the 1 minute intervals I got up to 4.5mph, and for the last one I pushed myself to jog 1 and 1/2 minutes!  My fails for today - I didn't make it up to 4.5mph for all the 1 minute intervals....but hopefully I'll get there. And the next fail hasn't happened quite yet but I have 6 children in my house today, the three extra even spent the night last night.  I'm guessing about noon I'm be thinking - why didn't I stay in bed longer. I'm tired already!

I have also been making a conscious effort to eat better, each meal has had a salad and a vegetable - there is an ongoing discussion in my house that a salad counts as a vegetable; I don't agree. I think we still need another vegetable PLUS a salad. :)

I will be refusing to weigh myself until the end of this 8 weeks. I want to focus more on how I am feeling and how my clothes are feeling then how much I actually weigh.  We'll see if I hold out or not.

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