Monday, April 22, 2013

c25k - Day four

ugh. Today was a struggle to get out of bed. Last week and this week held some personal struggles for me and yesterday after church I was so wiped out I slipped into a nap coma for about 2 hours. I have not slept that long or that deep during a nap for a very long time. It was wonderful.... until I tried to go to sleep last night 1) not tired at all, and 2) experiencing shooting pains in my right shoulder and down my arm from napping on the couch. sigh.... So when that alarm went off this morning getting up was not on my mind, and to be honest last night I had already told myself if I got awake and my arm was hurting I was not going to run.  Mind you these pains in my arm were nauseating they hurt so bad.  But I did get up and I'm happy I did!  I just had to keep ignoring my husband who was ogling me the entire time I was jogging. ha!  

Day Four's workout:
5 minute warm-up
12 minutes
 30 second intervals
5 minute cool down

Recap: I once again did not bump up to 4.5mph for 30 seconds... it takes too much time for the treadmill to speed up and slow down, so I just stayed at the 3.5mph for 11 1/2 minutes, the last 30 second interval I did push it up to 4.3mph and then pushed myself to jog an extra minute at that speed.  Which I'm happy with. :)

Totals: 23 minutes, 1.21 miles

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