Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A wonderful surprise

yes I'm still clutter-busting, and yes I'm still exercising (although no running, but forking a load of chicken manure onto the garden is exercise enough right now!)

But right now I'm rejoicing and thanking God for the wonderful surprise visit I had last night and this morning.  Our former pastor and his wife left our church about 6 years ago - I remember after they left I found out I was pregnant with Lydia.  They left under good terms and to this day we still love and miss them - they were vital in the beginning stages of both Nathan and I's Christian walk.

The last time I saw them was the day after Naomi was born, they were coming into town for a visit, Pastor Steve was speaking at our church that Sunday and then we were all going out to eat for lunch - big catch-up.  Well Miss Naomi had different plans and made a sudden appearance that weekend.  But... there's no excuse like a new baby to be sure to visit so they made an extra trip out to our house and it was wonderful.

Then last night as I'm getting dinner ready and my kids are having that late afternoon melt-down I received a phone call. Sue was in the area and needed a place to bunk for the night.  you bet!!!  It has been wonderful and refreshing. She didn't say long today - she's on her way to visit some grandbabies and I can't say I blame her by any means... but the short time we've had was well worth it.

My house is a wreck, toys everywhere, not sure when the last time was I swept my kitchen floor, everything smells like chicken manure, it could have been so easy to say 'no' it's really not a good time, but you know what I would have missed out on such an amazing blessing.  Don't say no ladies - take advantage of being hospitable.... it's a lovely reward.  And who knows when I'll get to see her again.... I'll always have the time to sweep my floor later. :)

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