Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My new favorite product

Now I'm not usually one for promoting products unless I've tried them and love them... I can honestly say I love this product!  I've had it sitting in my cabinet for awhile and finally decided to pull it down and give it a try - it says to use it twice daily until who knows when... I can't say I've been consistent as that but once I started noticing some improvement you can bet I'm getting better at remembering......

I've had three babies.... my last was 8lbs 10oz... she was a biggie.  My stomach, sides, and even ahem... my thighs show it.  I've got stretch marks and I will admit it.  Not like my friend who just had her first baby - I will be honest and say I coveted her big beautiful completely smooth belly she showed be just weeks before having her baby.  :)  I thought I was doomed forever... until I found Avon's SSS Perfecting Oil - EUREKA! This stuff is amazing... it hasn't completely made the marks disappear but it's smoothed them and lightened them enough that I've noticed a huge difference. It's not cheap but I don't think once I stop using it they will come back... so it's a worthwhile investment in my opinion. 

1. Go here to create an account and be registered as a customer under M. Donahoe
2. Sign up at Ebates  to registerer for 7% cash back - that's an awesome amount!
3. Then search for Avon
4. The program will take you back to Avon and your account should already be there and tied to M. Donahoe
5. Search for prefecting oil - $12.00 and add to your cart.
6. Browse the outlet section for some great deals!
7. Check out and wait for you order to arrive *Coupon code for FREE shipping with a $10 purchase--FIRSTREP10
8. Enjoy smooth skin, and earning cash back while you shopped at home in your PJ's... :)

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