Thursday, May 9, 2013

Clutting-Busting Challenge: Days 6-12

When I started this week I thought I would try and finish 7 days at once... boy was I surprised how far it actually went.

Well 7x7 does not equal 49 in this house! It equals 227.  I've already surpassed the total number for this challenge (217) and I can't wait to see what my final tally is! I focused solely on the kitchen area yesterday with the mindset to weed out as much stuff as possible!!!  It was a huge success, my goal was to see how happy I could make my husband - the larger the pile, the happier he would be.  I also took lots of pictures to share! :)

Here are the highlights:

7 soup bowls I've never used in 8 years of marriage
22 utensils/kitchen tools
14 misc cups/sippy cups
3 cutting boards
4 place mats (family outnumbers them)
15 pantry items that I haven't used or won't use
3 shot glasses - never used
29 silly bands - who invented those things???
6 knives
58 garbage items

Grand total though - 227!!!

Here are a before and after of my utensil drawers (see just a little bit of organization makes a huge difference!) And a picture of my cutie who was 'helping' me.

Here's my slightly full crock of wooden spoons, and spatulas... seriously who needs that many? And my utensil holder.

No she's not going out with the garbage but she was 'helping'

Oh the dreaded plastics cupboard.... this one is my worst at keeping up with... normally I just open the door - throw stuff in and hope it stays shut!

All 227 items that are either being sold (yard sale), given away, or thrown away! Whew... I can't wait to start upstairs now!

Total tally of items: 286

Clutter-Busting Challenge by Money Saving Mom

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  1. Wow - definitely a successful challenge for you!!

  2. Wow! Way to go! That is a lot in just one room :)