Wednesday, May 29, 2013


So I have a friend from high school who is married to a man that has a passion for helping people. Frank Fumich has an amazing ability to get stuff done. Do not think for once I am doubting why he is doing this or what he is doing is wrong.  I am just comparing his dedication to his projects to my dedication to things I consider important in my life. 

He's an ultra-marathoner or destroyer-of-his-body.....literally.  The week after the Boston Marathon bombing he ran 78.6 miles straight thru to raise money for the victims. Him and a couple buddies are now running from DC to Boston - 450 miles. You can read about it here or at Stand United. Run United. They have raised almost $63K which is amazing.

And I am not putting down what they did but what if Christians had that same drive or passion about helping the needy, sharing the gospel, helping orphans.... I know some who do and they do complete amazing things with it but what if everyone who called themselves a Christian truly had that passion about Christ and His commands?

I will be the first to admit I am shamed that I haven't done this type of thing - it all started as one thought and went from there. He started small and it grew and grew.

Just think how big something could grow if we had the hand of Christ in it too. If He blessed it and encouraged it. We just have to be willing, have to put ourselves out there, have to give all that we have and sometimes a little bit more.

What are you passionate about that you would be willing to give your all and then some?

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  1. Just remember--you're not responsible for all Christians do or don't do--just find the small things that you can do and do them. Do you coupon and bargain shop? Gather up some toiletries and take them to a shelter. Babysit for a friend so that she can spend some one-on-one time with her husband. Bake a cake and take it to the lonely little old lady next door. I'm learning, slowly, but surely, to just be obedient in the little things, and leave the bigs ones to the Lord.

    You can do it!