Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our journey

I've posted a bit about the struggles we have with our oldest daughter.  Most people just think she's out of control and unmanageable or we've just push over parents.  She doesn't have visible disabilities but you know that feeling as a mother that you just know something isn't right. That's us. 

After a couple trips to a new doctor, we have recently discovered that she should be left-side dominant but is switching which side she uses so it's confusing her processing system.  For instance she inputs audio on the right side, but visual on the left side - so things are getting completely jumbled in there when they try to be processed back out.  That's why there are such delays in obedience or following through with instructions because the commands are all mixed up and not passing through the right systems.  This was the first week we started her new exercises to help re-train her body to operate on the correct side.

It's not going to be easy and it's going to be a struggle almost every day but we will eventually get there.  In the long run maybe she would have been ok but by doing this it's going to save us a ton of frustration and trials in her future - once we get this figured out her learning and processing should be much easier for everyone.

I am so thankful for discovering this now and not 10 years down the road. This article was also very interesting and reveals some of our struggles for the child who cries the same if she drops a feather on her toe or drops a brick on her toe - Kids who feels too much.

Have any of you ever encountered something like this?

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