Monday, July 15, 2013


So husbands and wives will always have some differences..... some big some small.  There is one that keeps resurfacing here in our relationship - our views on pets.

I grew up with pets - lots of them, they ranged from a rabbit, couple cats, quite a few dogs, hamsters, horses, a cow one time, a bucket full of baby mice (my mom is still waiting to payback my aunt & uncle for that one).

My husband - not so much. His pets consisted of a hunting dog outside, and two frogs that lived in a small bowl on top of the piano.  That was it.

Of course when we were dating that wasn't an issue cause we didn't live together. I still had my pets I was good.  Then we got married and suddenly there were no more pets.  And I was sad. So I wanted a puppy. No. A kitty? No. A rabbit? No. An elephant??? NO.  I was sad. I was sad for a long time..... and to my embarrassment I badgered a lot until finally I did wear my hubby down to get us a dog. A puppymill rescue puppy that is as dumb as he is cute - Rufus!

I was content for awhile, but I'd still love a cat......

Over the weekend I found a baby bunny in our garden.  Just went to step down and screamed (thought it was a rat at first!), scooped down and picked him up.  Oh I wanted to keep that bunny.  So did my children - I know it was a wild rabbit and we probably would have let him go eventually but he was sooooo cute!  But Nathan said no in more ways than one.... and having a bunny is not worth having marital issues at all.  So I let him go.... about 2 hours later I went back to the garden and found him again beside it. I'm guessing he's still in there somewhere.  I'm not giving him a 3rd chance, if I find him he's mine to keep this time! :)

Then we went to a birthday party yesterday and there were baby kittens.... sweet, adorable fuzzy kittens.  Oh... I wanted one of those. I would have taken one in a heartbeat.  I will admit to being sad, I really wanted a kitty.

So I told Nathan later on that if he ever did anything really really bad and needed to make up for it he could bring me a kitty home to say sorry. His response.

"Ok. I will never do anything wrong!!"

I do love my hubby.  And yes I do love him more than pets so I am willing to let it go (for now!).  I'm hoping that some day one of his little girls comes to him with that question and he has a harder time saying no to them than to me! :) ha ha

 What are some differences that you and your husband have? And how do you manage them?

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  1. You are not alone on the different pet preferences with your husband! Since moving in the house we do not agree on whether or not we'll get another dog. He wants one for outside (allowing it only in the basement). I would like another member of the family, a golden retriever who can cuddle up with the kids and be their buddy. So we have not come to agreement, and may never. So no dog here until one of us gives in!