Monday, July 8, 2013

I'm in a rush to get many things done this morning, about two weeks ago we got a phone call that our electric was going to be out for 4 hours (10-2) in the middle of the day.  It was hot out.  My mom and I made all these preparations, packed a lunch, froze lots of water to place in the freezer and fridge to help keep it cold longer, etc, etc, etc.... the electric never went out. Didn't even blink.

Saturday she once again got the phone call (oddly enough I didn't receive calls either time even though we live next to each other). We figure if we don't make any plans the electric will go off and we'll be stuck up a creek..... so off to do some more preparing! :) Praying that the sun comes out so we can at least swim for part of that time. 

Anyhow - wanted to share a great sale that is going on at a site that I've done some homeschooling shopping at The Marketplace.  They are having a huge sale right now and in the past I've scored some great deals. I love their Theme Kits - these things are awesome, great activities that either one child or multiple children can do, big posters that include tracing on the back.  If its the pumpkin themed activity then it has really cute pumpkins to trace on the back which also covers fine motor skills in coloring! :)

Here's the link to their clearance -Clearance - I would go check them out, even if you are just completing preschool I think some of their stuff is the best for that!  And it takes lots of the hard work off of you the teacher in prepping stuff!

*I am not an affiliate of this and receive no incentive for promoting them. I just REALLY like their stuff :)

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