Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The jungle update or also know as my former garden

This is my first year basically planting and growing my garden on my own. In the past my dad would have helped but he's been working out of town and not around as much. So my mom and I started some plants indoors, and then moved them to a redneck greenhouse (cement block/old window panes) and grew some mighty looking fine plants. :)  I am so thankful this year and am trying not to get discouraged because of the craziness.  My dear husband can tell when I'm losing the faith so he got up super early on Sunday and went to weed my garden before church.  I was and am so grateful for him! He is truly a blessing to me in many ways.

Then planting time came and I grew a little ambitious.  My garden is FULL... very very full.  So full you can barely walk through it. Not good. Anyhow, here's a couple pictures to give you a feel for it.  Note my daughter will be six in October and I could probably lose her in it.

Our potato pots.... we could have kept laying dirt but we were tired and it was getting expensive so we just stopped and are anxious for fall to come so we can see if they worked!

From a distance.

A little closer.

From left to right - onions, peas, cauliflower (sorry for the picture - blogger is being crazy and won't flip it - anyone know how???)

My first hot pepper!

Our watermelon patch that had to be added later cause I ran out of room in the first garden!

These are my tomatoes.... my dad did not think our plants from seeds would grow so he had my mom buy some at the store.  Yes, those are mine in the back that are much taller then his... and now we have WAY too many cause he told me half of mine would die.

I will admit a mistake here and say that I did not pay close enough attention to my cherry tomato and regular tomato plants, we have a very poor ratio.  And every cherry tomato plant looks like this.

In the past onions haven't made it past the 'green' onion stage around here, but because my dad has been out of town they have gotten a chance to grow and hopefully grow some more!

My beautiful bean plants!

The insane zucchini plants.  These things have not produced but have completely taken over my garden :( And I've even had two people ask me for zucchini - oh my.

And the random sweet corn down the middle. Anyone else go by the rule 'knee-high by the fourth of July'? If so we were in business! :)

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  1. Wow! My garden never looked that good! One year we did have a ton of tomatoes and I would wash them, cut any spots off, run them through the blender, and then boil them down for sauce. Good for lasagna & pizza!