Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Tip to Expand a Meal

So in the past I would have cooked one package of sweet Italian sausage, sauteed some peppers/onions and served those for dinner.  That would have been 5 sandwiches (normal amount of sausages in a package).  And one really isn't enough so each of us would eat two, and then suddenly one isn't enough for leftovers and Nathan is eating the third.  Well that's not exactly good for him and I would be upset that we used the whole package of meat for just one meal.

Then I had a thought..... what if I chopped up the sausage?  So I removed the casings, chopped up the meat with my favorite Pampered Chef tool, cooked a much larger amount of veggies and voila - I had a huge skillet of dinner instead of five sandwiches. I normally just serve these in hot dog or hamburger buns. We were both able to eat a satisfying meal, plus had enough leftovers for two lunches. SCORE!

So this is one of my favorite tips for expanding a package of meat for meals. It saves money and the waist line. :)

Here's the tool that I use for almost everything, chopping hamburger, sausage, you name it and for only $11 it is so worth it!!! The Pampered Chef Mix N' Chop :)

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