Friday, August 23, 2013

Ten things my roommate needs to know

Which in this case will be my husband since there is no way he's letting me drive 10 hours to SC by myself! :) I told him I would find someone to carpool with but he's insisting on coming along (um doesn't he know I won't be in the room hardly at all?).  But I think he himself is looking forward to some uninterrupted time to run, read/study the Bible, rest, run some more and maybe even nap.

Are we being honest with these???
  1. I start out the night cold all burrowed under my blankets and by morning I'm so hot I'm throwing the blankets off and covering up whoever is next to me.
  2. I ALWAYS go to bed with socks on.  I NEVER wake up with socks on so by the end of the week my bed is usually full of random socks.
  3. When I get nervous, I talk a lot. I also happen to laugh loud... like that annoying over laugh cause you want people to like you but really they just think you're crazy. 
  4. I usually shower at night and go to bed with sopping wet hair which then makes my pillow very wet.
  5. I have trouble falling asleep and sometimes hear things that then bother me for a long time before I can go to sleep..... sometimes the noises aren't even there (ie - having my husband check the toilet to see if it's running.
  6. Speaking of sleeping, I must sleep with a sound machine, I have to have white noise. We live in the country - there are no noises around us...... so if I'm in the city those noises are too loud but yet the country is too quiet. Go figure. LOVE sound machines.
  7. Once I fall asleep not much bothers me even though I have 3 children.  After 6 years of constantly being pregnant and nursing my body is loving this quiet time and I sleep hard now. I love it!
  8. I must have a snack before bed. Another habit of the item above. I constantly need to have food around me (sweets are even better). I also drink a lot of water, a lot.
  9. I am able to get up and pee in the middle of the night without even opening my eyes. Could be a problem in a room I've never slept in :)
  10. And finally, I am beyond excited about Allume, I'm terrified and feel like I will be out of my league.  I'm not even sure why I'm coming except that I know I am craving some fellowship, encouragement, and worship with fellow believers who will accept me for who I am! If it helps my blog out even better but I truly am just excited to meet you all.
So that's it. What is the #1 thing you would want your roommate to know about you if you were rooming with someone new?

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  1. Great to "meet" you! Hope to see you at Allume! I have to snack before bed too!

  2. Hey there... my Hubby is my roommate as well! So I think I will take a little different spin - he pretty much knows all he needs to know about me after 20+ years together!

    So looking forward to Allume - and I am with you - I am sure the actual conference content is gonna be amazing - but for me? I am flying across the country to meet the people!

  3. Haha! I love the part about the socks! Can't wait to meet you at Allume!

  4. Love it! Good thing your hubby is your roommate in case you pee off course, since your eyes will be closed and all. Look forward to meeting you!!