Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Great Opportunity

I am stoked!

I adore SarahMae - in fact I am praying that I get a chance to connect with her at Allume this year! We tried a couple years ago at CHAP but it fell through. Her blog is one that I highly recommend in reading and really listening to her advice and life lessons.

Well I recently got accepted into her affiliate program and now I can share with you all her great books that she's wrote! We both benefit from this.  As I mentioned many times before between now and October any monies that I make is going directly towards the cost of travel to the conference.

So here you go - the list of books she written AND a new webinar her and Sally Clarkson put together.
You won't regret buying any of these books... you might miss out on some sleep while you stay up late devouring them but it will be worth it!

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