Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Oh you know just another announcement!

well it's time to make it 'official' you know by posting it on facebook - if it's not on there it's not official. ha :)

Baby #4 is making a surprise arrival here in the spring!  yep, it's happening.  We had been preventing it for awhile trying to decide if we wanted to go down that road again and God made the decision for us.  It was funny because when I started my ladies bible study awhile ago one of the questions was if you would completely surrender your life over to God was fear do you have about the future - and my answer was 'next month I would be pregnant'.  Um don't make jokes about those things.... God has bigger plans for sure.

I've been sick, so very sick, nothing like the first three times. This is also the first time I haven't been working while pregnant so I'm trying to take better care of myself, eating better and getting some exercise. Granted yesterday was the first day I actually had enough energy to do so without falling asleep mid-afternoon for a catnap. I honestly could not function without a rest for about the last month. I also haven't been able to eat much of anything so that's helped with the weight gain. :)

We are very thankful and I am thankful that Nathan is handling it so well - I thought for sure he would panic and spend the next 7 months in the fetal position just worrying the entire time.  But God's grace is good and He has given us both excitement and peace about the future.  There are still some days that we wonder how in the world we are going to manage but we also know babies need very little in the beginning except lots of love and snuggles which is not going to be a problem here in this house. We have two very excited little ones - Naomi doesn't quite have a clue yet but that's ok and probably best.

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